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Our one on one personal training clients receive our highest level of attention. We start with a full consultation, fleshing out our clients past, present and future in relation to their fitness, health and wellness. We also discuss any injuries or physical ailments that may hinder the clients progress, so we can set up a plan for strengthening and rehabilitation. We then help them set goals and identify any potential problems between them and the end result. The more we know the better we are equipped to assist with any issues that arise. Often when we book a consultation we ask that our potential client log their nutrition and workouts for several days. Using this information we can then plan out the following stages in their fitness journey. From there we schedule out all future workouts, working with our clients availability to ensure they can attend and maximize their potential. We strongly believe that if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.

The next stage belongs to us. We take all the information obtained in the consultation and build incremental nutrition and supplementation plans. The initial plan is provided within hours so our client can begin their grocery and supplement shopping. We ensure our clients have our contact information, so that while they are out if they need help choosing food items we can be of assistance. The incremental nutrition plans are delivered in the following weeks as progress is made. We do not believe in overwhelming our clients with drastic lifestyle changes, as it often leads to frustration and failure.

On top of the nutrition and supplementation plans we provide our clients with cardiovascular workouts, customized to their needs, and additional weight workouts to be done in their own time if it is required.

We track our clients progress closely that way nothing is left to guess work. Most of our clients log nutrition, and their own workouts, while we log the progress made in the studio. Our weight loss clients step on the scale weekly and measurements are taken. If a plateau occurs we use all of our experience and creative abilities to break through it. This is often achieved by changing the phase of training they are undergoing, correcting and modifying nutrition, or modifying their style of cardiovascular training.

Our training and experience allows us to work with all client types. We train all age groups and genders, as anyone can benefit from exercise and positive lifestyle changes! We can assist with rehabilitating minor injuries, strengthening and correcting posture, assisting seniors with regaining mobility, weight loss, strength gain, and aesthetics. We also train competitive male and female athletes for stage.

We specialize in building the perfect beach body! Believe it or not everyone is capable of making enormous changes to their physique. Using the process outlined above you too can get that God Body you have always wanted!

Contact us now to receive a free, no obligation consultation to set goals, assess your current level of fitness, and see how we can help you get that God Body!!

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