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We offer group training for 2 or more individuals, with or without similar goals. Often our groups are comprised of couples or friends that rely on and feed off each other for energy, and results. These like minded people become each others support system helping each other stay on track and keep driven!

We use the same consultation, planing and process as outlined in the 1 on 1 training, modified for two or more people. Each person receives a customized plan including nutrition and supplementation protocols, cardiovascular and weight workouts as required. All workouts are planned out fully, and scheduled in agreement.

We also offer seasonal boot camps, which can also easily be arranged for office teams and schools, or any other organization.

Group sessions are further discounted from the 1 on 1 training option.

Contact us now to receive a free, no obligation consultation to set goals, assess your current level of fitness, and see how we can help you get that God Body!!

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