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Our online clientele keeps in contact with us on a daily basis, or as needed. We make ourselves available to answer all questions, even if it is a text message asking if they can buy a food item at the grocery store!! We care about our clients results as if they were our own. Our clients progress is a direct reflection of our business and our abilities!

Our online training is customized to your individualized needs. These periodized programs are developed for 8 week intervals. Each program includes workout routines, nutrition and supplementation protocols, and cardiovascular training plans.

At the end of each 8 week plan, the program will be revised, based upon results, needs, and goals. Workout plans will progressively become more complex, nutrition and supplementation protocols will evolve, with modified intakes of macro-nutrients, and calorie content. Cardiovascular training will change to reflect physical adaptation so plateaus will not occur.

Contact us now to receive a free, no obligation consultation to set goals, assess your current level of fitness, and see how we can help you get that God Body!!

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