Angela Zakos

Some people don’t have a set schedule Monday to Friday or extra time in the day to dedicate to seeing a personal trainer one on one, whether it is due to family obligations, work schedule or travel and that is where online training comes into play! I offer busy clients the chance to workout on their own schedule, in their own gym, the comfort of their own home, or even if your on the road in a hotel room! I create a personalized workout program based on your specific goals and deadlines and what kind of workout equipment you have available to you, even if you don’t have any at all! If you do not have a gym membership or access to a gym on a regular basis due to travel or otherwise, I can still create workout programs to get you to your goals by using your body weight and/or small equipment like workout bands, balls, etc. I will also include exactly what you should be doing for cardio in between your strength training workouts to make sure all aspects of your new fitness first lifestyle are covered!

A personalized nutrition plan based on your individual goals will also be created, keeping in mind any allergies or food sensitivities you may have. Changing your nutrition and breaking bad habits is usually the hardest part in reaching your fitness goals and that is why I make myself available to you at all hours of the day! If you are struggling with your diet and need a quick tip to curb a food craving or are unsure of a certain product you are about to buy at the grocery store, you can call, email, Facebook or text me at any time to further discuss! I know from personal experience that cravings and possibly feeling unmotivated does not just fall in between the hours of 9am and 5pm. You can also refer to our recipe page for delicious and nutritious meal plan options to help keep your meals new and exciting!

All the above online training is also included when you come train with me one on one. I do this because even though you might be training with me 3-4 time a week there are always more cardio workouts to be done, extra strength training to be done if needed as well as proper nutrition to support these workouts.

If you are interested in either online training OR one on one training please contact me today to set up a FREE consultation to discuss your goals, and financially which option best suits your needs. This consult can be done in person or over the phone for your convenience.


My personal health and fitness have always been a high priority in my life. I thrive on pushing myself harder and harder and continuing to set fitness goals for myself as I go. My newest goal is to compete and place within top five in a Regional OPA Bikini Fitness Competition here in Ottawa. Setting small or big goals for yourself no matter what they are will only benefit you in getting to your end result even quicker. I use the exact same theory for all of my clients’ goals and aspirations.

I have been involved in the fitness industry for several years, and now that I have made Personal Training my online career I could not be happier. It is the highlight of my day to hear feedback from my clients who have lost another pound, who have increased their lifting weight and are growing stronger, or who made it yet another day without giving into temptation and are sticking to their nutrition plan. I push my clients to reach each of their individual goals and I am by their side every step of the way.

I have also worked with a variety of client types, not just weight loss. A few clients goals I have worked with are: Increasing endurance, building overall muscle and definition to potentially compete in a fitness competition, trim down belly fat and lift glutes, weight loss with a quick deadline for a wedding, a drop in inches and fitting into the clothes they could never wear, as well as health related fitness goals and rehabilitation.

What are you waiting for? Tomorrow you will have wished you contacted me today! Take matters into your own hands no matter how busy you are and get that God Body you’ve always wanted!
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