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Yeast causes weight gain Yeast and Weight Gain By Carolyn Dean, MD, ND If I were to tell you that there is a fungus living in your intestines that produces 180 chemical toxins capable of making you feel dizzy and fatigued, shutting down your thyroi...

where does fat go when you burn it?

We talk a lot about dieting and burning off fat, but we actually have a lot of misconceptions about weight loss. Some people think fat is converted into energy or heat—a violation of the law of conservation of mass—while others think that the fat is somehow excreted or even converted to m...

Protein Bio-Availability Everyone knows about protein or at least you should if you are serious about getting results to gain muscle or even to lose fat. Nutrition plays a vital role in both goals and proteins are the building blocks and should...

Finding Balance - Pre vs Post Competition


The ABC's of BCAA's


Say NO to Dairy

Here is your weekly challenge: Dare to go Dairy-free this week? With the countless “Got Milk” ads and commercials, we’ve been bombarded with messages about how dairy is SO good for us- it has protein and is loaded with calcium. In Reality: Not only do we HARDLY absorb the calc...

Benefits of Coconut Oil

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