Chris Poulos

I love what I do! For me there is no better career! I’ve done it all, waiting, manual labor, web programming, graphic design, and network support, none of which ever provided any level of career satisfaction! All the while I was personal training on the side, helping friends, family and people I knew in the gym. Since I made the switch 6 years ago I’ve never looked back! My entire life has been dedicated to exercise science. It has been a calling and an obsession. I have always had my head deep in material involving training methodology, physiology, and nutrition. My motivation to learn was driven by my ectomorphic physique. I was a very skinny teenager and it was apparent that the only way I would progress was through knowledge. I have been working out for over 20 years and have been successful in meeting all my fitness goals! I now have the privilege of using my experience and knowledge to help others achieve their desired result!

My skill set is not limited to bodybuilders and competitive athletes. I have been helping all ages and sexes achieve their highest level of fitness for over 15 years. My clientele ranges from assisting the elderly regaining mobility and strength; weight loss; teaching teenagers how too safely and effectively workout; parents in need of more energy to keep up with their kids; pre & postnatal; post injury or illness looking to regain health and functionality; and many more the list goes on!

Whether you are a novice to fitness or an experienced veteran I can help! Contact me for a free consultation, and together we can set goals, improve your nutrition, and build accountability that will keep you ever improving and on your way to a God Body!

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