A few small galleries to show case my work, and my own progress. The majority of my clients are very private people that do not wish to post before and after pictures. I do however have many letters of reference offering praise for my abilities as a trainer!

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Workout Pictures

Here are a few samples of our clients killing it in the gym

Client Progress Pictures

The following are examples of our work, both of our clients and ourselves. We do it all, weight loss, muscle gain, and injury rehab. GODBODY TRAINER ANGELA ZAKOS' PROGRESS GODBODY TRAINER CHRIS POULOS' PROGRESS BELOW PIC - 3 Months Progress! ...

Angela's Competition 2013

Angela competed at the 2013 Ottawa Bodybuilding Championship in bikini medium tall. Here are a few pictures taken from the internet of the coverage and from a photo shoot with Eric Labonte

Chris' comp pics 2012

Ottawa Bodybuilding Championship 2012 Here are a few images from my competition. I was really happy with my condition, surpassing previous results, and I placed! More to come in 2014!

Chris' comp pics 2009

Ottawa Bodybuilding Championship 2009 A few sample images from my first competition. Dieting and training for the show was a great learning opportunity! I have since refined and vastly improved my approach!
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